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Why Nicole Kidman Won the Award for the Award Season Red Carpet

Let’s start back at the Golden Globes when she wore McQueen. She looked gorgeous! BUT, that dress could have been a disaster, WHY?, because it was hitting so many of the year's trends… Ever since last years Met Gala theme being Manus x Machina (hand x machine) metallics have DOMINATED every single red carpet. So there was that. Then we have been seeing a lot of lace and victorian themed dresses all year and all over the runways for major fashion shows and at the same time… FRINGE was everywhere! So now imagine a metallic, lace, victorian dress with fringe. Sounds like a DISASTER! Nope. It was perfection, and it was all about proportion. There was just enough of each element on the dress to keep us constantly staring, guessing, and gagging (in the good way)! My personal favorite parts about the dress were the corset like boning (victorian) and the METALLIC FRINGE on the sleeve (I mean talk about a way to elevate a trend to Globe status)! Her hair and makeup were simple in every look and she owned the carpet as if she had overseen it being laid out for every event so I’m not going to mention it again… so… off to the SAG AWARDS!


People were freaking out, good and bad, this guy, was FREAKING THE FRANKIE OUT, in the best possible way. And here’s why. So every year Pantone picks the color of the year, and it influences all of fashion. Last year was a gorgeous rose quartz and serenity blue, think make it pink make it blue from sleeping beauty… this year… we get… Greenery. um. WTF? It literally looks like a radioactive leaf you would find deep in some Amazonian jungle. It’s bizarre. And… might I add, very difficult for certain skin types to pull off. So when Nicole Kidman stepped onto the red carpet in that Gucci dress in metallic Greenery I literally danced around the room with excitement! I was like… OMG! I’m a believer! I LOVE GREENERY! Now… we can’t ignore the giant parrots in the room. I. Love. Them. Why? Because they are from Australia, she’s nominated for a film called Lion and was showing pride! I know I’m the only person who thought that but that’s what you get when you have a biology/theatre/dance triple major, different thinking. Also, and here’s where we get into pacing, she knew everyone else would pale in comparison to her because most people think the SAGs are a night off. No one goes that big to that award show, so she knew she would be all that anyone was talking about, good or bad, and that to me is genius!

Then… we have the Oscars. Where she stripped down the feathers and fringe and lace and color and just reminded us that she is one of the most stunning human beings on this planet. She wore a simple and beautifully beaded Armani gown that showed her entire back and every single curve on her body (it even looked amazing sitting which many people forget about… hello, its a long show, you're gonna be sitting, you should probably sit in the dress first). She did the exact opposite of everyone else who were trying so hard to grab your attention. If I had seen the three dresses before the events I would have bet the GUCCI was for the Oscars and the Armani was for the SAGs, but by switching them, not only did she stand out for being different, she set us all up… After the SAGs everyone was like, well how is she going to top that? How big is she going to get? How many people will need to carry her down the runway cause the train is just that long? But she went the other way… she wore the most beautiful simple dress and let her own beauty really take center stage, and it had me on the floor! And the cherry on the cake, the rose gold beads in the very center of each circle on the dress… which just happens to be… the biggest trend of the year.

And the award goes to… La La Land! I mean… Nicole Kidman. ;)

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