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Canyon Ranch

So I know you all know I go to Canyon Ranch a lot… Like 3 times a year, but I feel like no one really knows what happens here. My friend Shoshana Bean came on my last trip and immediately said to me, “what is this place and is everyone 100?” To which I responded, it is whatever you want it to be… and no.

So the first time I came to Canyon Ranch it was because I was absolutely heartbroken and was completely losing myself. I mean, I was a disaster. He cheated, I took him back, he cheated again and I just completely forgot my self worth in trying to keep him… Keep in mind this was in 2009, so many Frankies ago. But, a huge reason why I shine so brightly today is because I came here, to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, in order to heal myself from that horrific relationship. Literally, you get on the phone with a program advisor, who becomes your best friend by the end of the call, and they ask you a series of questions about why you want to come to the ranch… is it to restart a diet, get fitter, learn how to eat, relax, learn to cook, be a better person, heal a relationship… whatever… and then they tailor a series of activities designed to help with whatever you are trying to change. I remember saying to this complete stranger, I just got out of a horrible relationship where I completely lost myself and am totally broken, and she was like, ok, let’s do this. And I swear to god I left Canyon Ranch with a diary filled with my pain and a soul filled with light! It wasn’t as simple as all that but this place really... is magic… I came after my Aunt Judy passed to figure out how to handle my grief… I came to figure out why I was having digestive issues, I came to get SWOL, to sleep better, and this last trip I came to escape the winter… I also wake up every morning at 6am and go on the most incredible hike/bike/canoe experiences and reconnect with nature while I’m here, which really gives me such joy. I also get to take gorgeous pictures of nature and post them on Instagram to share with all of you… there was a time in my life when I thought I was going to be a wildlife photographer… that will be a later blog. Looking back on this I’m sure you still have no idea what happens here, and you probably won’t unless you come…

Here: Canyon Ranch is Westworld except you can’t kill or %$#@ the guides. Should have lead with that… damn.

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