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I’m gonna start out by saying very simply: aids/lifecycle changed my life.

listen I have always been a charitable person and a really really really loud gay glittery member of the LGBTQIA2 COMMUNITAY! but aids lifecycle changed the way I thought of the word community. c...


I have it... I have it...

That’s what I thought when a sales person dressed in wizard robes handed me the final book in the Harry Potter series at Borders at midnight after I had been waiting in line for 5 hours... I have it. The years and years of waiting for this very...


Today is a day when we celebrate who we are. Who we TRULY are. No apologies, no doubts, no filters… except Snapchat filters… those are COMPLETELY acceptable today, in fact they are encouraged! ;)

Firstly, I would like to send a message to those of you who are coming o...


Ok… So I have seen MANY hyped up shows in my day, and left… well, MAD… SAD… I mean, I feel like someone would rather say they loved a show that got a rave review from the Times than actually say, you know what, I didn’t love it. Well, surprise surprise, I’m not one of...


So when I got out of the BB house the first time, life was insane! My social media mogul status, which I said as a strategy to move forward in the game (and it worked), had become a reality and I quickly had to figure out how to respond to all of it. Good, bad, worse,...





noun: queen; plural noun: queens

  1. the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth.

    • synonyms: monarch, sovereign, ruler, head of state

    • Her Majesty;

    • king's consort, queen c...


When I was teaching in South Africa, I had a student who was 16 years old who I had a close friendship with, one he did not share with the other teachers, and one day he pulled me aside and called his mother on the phone with me. He wanted her to hear him having fun an...


Originally published 7/8/11 on the Broadway in South Africa blog

There was a little girl in camp, about 13 years old, who immediately stood out to me on day one in Diepsloot. First of all, she was extremely shy, and secondly, she was wearing bright neon orange slippers...


The other day I was walking to work in the middle of New York City, while belting a song from “Titanic: the Musical” at the top of my lungs, with my pink hair on full display and a man pulled up to the curb where I was waiting to cross, lowered his window, looked direc...

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…and when people throw shade, SHINE BRIGHTER! I have said that too many times to count at this point but I have also lived it…. And that is the point. I mean every word of that sentence, and just to break it down for you what I am saying is that all of you are beautiful and perfect as long as you are being true to yourself and that truth is bringing you happiness. Whether that means wearing glitter as an outward personification of your inner self or owning your gender or sexuality regardless of the social restraints society has set in place as an obstacle for you to do so. Basically, be who you are and if someone can’t handle it, it's their problem, NOT YOURS, and they can go %$#@ themselves… with love and light of course! #FightHateWithLove #LoveWins

Shine Bright Like A Frankie…

© 2017 Shine Bright by Frankie Grande

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